Several WhatsApp users have reported that they have registered some technical problems when they entered the platform. Mainly, this problem has become more noticeable in people who have Android phones. From the company they have explained that this is related to the latest Beta version, which contains a bug that does not allow access to the application chats normally.

Although the error indicates that the version of WhatsApp installed has expired and the user is recommended to download a more recent version, the truth is that this solution will not end the error. For the moment, the temporary solution that can be accessed is changing the mobile date to March 25. In case of having a version that was published on another date, it must be changed to that date.

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However, there is a definitive solution, although it requires the user to go out of beta and go back to using the stable version of the app. These are the steps you must follow. To do this, the following steps must be followed:

1.Close WhatsApp

2.Change the mobile date to March 25 through Settings / System / Date and time

3.Open WhatsApp and make a backup of the chats

4.Uninstall WhatsApp from the mobile

5.Change the mobile date back to the correct one

6.Go to the WhatsApp page on Google Play and exit the beta program

7.Uninstall WhatsApp from the mobile

8.Reinstall WhatsApp, this time the stable version

9.Login to WhatsApp and restore the copy