After the success that GPT has had in recent weeks, WhatsApp has announced that in its next version it will introduce a new tool that will use Artificial Intelligence (AI). This new feature will allow users to select text found on images.

However, the new function will only be available on iPhones that are updated to version iOS 16. The reason for this decision by the messaging company is that instead of implementing its own function, WhatsApp will use the API iOS 16 native text selection.

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Therefore, this tool will be available from version of WhatsApp Beta for iOS. Once available, the application will allow you to extract the text embedded in the images. This can be achieved thanks to the function used in the Live Text API of iOS 16, which allows the user to touch the text of an image to copy it, make a call, send an email, translate it or look for directions.

However, the company ensures that it will not be possible to extract text from those images sent with the “see once” function. On the other hand, up to now, WhatsApp is not expected to introduce a similar function in its Android version.