More than a year has passed since WhatsApp incorporated the function to delete sent messages into its platform. However, the messaging company has realized that this tool needed to incorporate another function that would allow messages that had been deleted by mistake to be recovered.

Fortunately, the platform has been working on a new tool that allows users to recover messages that have been accidentally deleted. The function will be called “Accidental Delete”, and it will be applied in those situations where we click on the “Delete for me” button instead of “Delete for everyone” by mistake. This function will allow us to recover the deleted message so that it appears again in the chat and thus be able to delete it permanently for everyone.

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However, there is one thing to keep in mind: the feature will only be available for 5 seconds after the content is removed. When you click on the “Delete for me” button, a floating window will appear with the “Undo” button that only for 5 seconds.

So far, the restore of deleted messages is available for some users who have the beta version, but soon it will be in the official versions of WhatsApp. To do this, you must have the WhatsApp application updated to receive all the news.