In recent months, the Meta company has been concerned with introducing new improvements to the WhatsApp platform. The messaging company has received numerous functions with the main idea of ​​being similar to or surpassing its biggest competitor, Telegram. However, in the maelstrom of introducing these changes, some mistakes have been made. That is why the company is currently working to improve one of its main problems and that is nothing more and nothing less than in the surveys.

The problem is that until now the surveys only allowed users to choose more than one option. That is why in the latest version that reaches Beta people will have the opportunity to choose only one option.

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When this option is available, users will see a new option called “Limit to only one choice”, which they can activate or deactivate by clicking on the switch that appears to the right of it. The main objective of this change is to make its results clearer, more precise and easier to interpret.