The month of August brings with it an important event that is celebrated every year: Children’s Day. This date, which seeks to commemorate all the children of the world and defend their rights, will take place on the 21st of this month.

The celebration of Children’s Day in the eighth month of the year began in 1958 through an initiative of the Argentine Chamber of the Toy Industry (CAIJ). At that time the first Sunday of the month was chosen to celebrate it and it remained so from 1958 to 2003. Later, in 2003 it was changed to the second Sunday of August.

Nevertheless, the current date was modified in 2013 by the National Congress after a request from the same Chamber that imposed the celebration in the first instance. The CAIJ requested that Children’s Day be moved so that it does not coincide with the PASO legislative elections and since then the date was fixed for the third Sunday of the month.