The Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Nation, Matías Lammens, announced that a fourth edition of the PreViaje tourism promotion program will be presented in March. On this occasion, the benefit will be to be used “between May and June.”

Lammens confirmed that PreViaje 4 will be officially presented in March “which can be used in the months of May and June, like previous editions, it would offer 50% returns for its beneficiaries, while for PAMI affiliates it would amount to 70 %”.

“It is a program that was used by more than 6 million people throughout Argentina with more than 90% approval, so there is little to change,” he said.

The minister pointed out that “in May we have a four-day weekend, in June too, that’s why traders should prepare because I think we are headed for a 2023 without a low season.”

Regarding the 2023 summer season, he added that “we have been having a very successful second fortnight where the forecasts we had were met and we are expecting what will be February with a very good level of reserves on the entire Atlantic coast.”

The scope of the Pre-Trip will be national, so you can visit any of the country’s provinces. Although there had been talk of an app solely for emerging destinations, this was ultimately cancelled.