Every time we download an application or create a new user, we must create a new account and enter a password. This generates a great complication for users who must remember endless data. However, every time you open a Google account, it asks you if you want to save the data you entered, a very useful function that will help you not to forget all this information. But where are these passwords stored? In this note we will explain it to you.

Android phones have a built-in password manager that you can use when you don’t remember any of them or simply to save yourself the task of writing them. This is the Google manager that is responsible for storing the passwords you use on your smartphone. and alerts you when one of them has been involved in a leak, so you can quickly change it before hackers can break into your account.

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If you want to see the passwords of the apps installed on your mobile and of the web pages that you use often, you have to do the following:

1.Enter the Settings app.

2.Swipe down and tap on “Google”.

3.Tap on the “Autocomplete” section.

4.Enter “Autocomplete with Google”.

5.Access the “Passwords” menu.

6.Tap on the password you want to see and enter your unlock method to confirm that it is you.