A few days before the ball begins to roll in Qatar, Star+ launched World Robbery, a soccer comedy starring Joaquín Furriel, Benjamín Amadeo, Carla Quevedo and Javier Gómez.

Developed by Full Frame and produced by Pampa Films/Gloriamundi Producciones, the series directed by Gabriel Nicoli is made up of six episodes that are already available on the streaming platform; but the first chapter can also be seen on Friday the 11th at 11 pm on the eltrece screen.

Furriel puts himself in the shoes of Lucho Buenaventura, a man who spent all his savings to travel to the World Cup with his son. And although everything is given for him to fulfill his dream, a sanction in the qualifying stage leaves the Argentine team disqualified and is replaced by the Chilean National Team, which was still in the standings.

The cast is completed by Hugo Piccinini, as Hugo “Fafa” Fafarelli; Diego De Paula, as Andres Ledesma; Hugo Quiril, as Hugo Tacchini; David Szechtman as Dario Friedman; Agustina Tremari, as Moira San Roman; Juan Isola, as Rodolfo Morán; and Matías Luque Benante, as Sebastián Buenaventura, son of Lucho).

In addition, the fiction has special participations by renowned figures from the world of soccer such as former players of the Argentine National Team Sergio Goycochea, Oscar Ruggeri and Maximiliano Rodríguez, and sports journalists Sebastián “Pollo” Vignolo, Daniel Arcucci, Marcelo Sottile, Federico Bulos and Diego “Chavo” Fucks.