Johnny vs. Amber is the title of the two-part documentary that will premiere on Discovery this coming Saturday, July 30. In this production, viewers will be able to see again what happened between the couple, such as the accusations of domestic abuse that were generated and caused defamation against the actor, to the point that his career was thrown overboard.

The turbulent relationship between Heard and Depp was one of the most commented, not only in social networks but also in the media and in Hollywood itself. That is why Discovery Plus decided to make a “docuseries” in which they portrayed the conflict between the two, which premiered in December 2021 in the United States.

Throughout these two episodes, detailed and exclusive interviews with the lawyers who represented both parties in the trial will be presented; In addition, the case that ended with a verdict in court against Depp is recounted.

After the success of the production, from Discovery they assured that they are in full preparation for a second part, which will cover everything that happened this year, with the verdict that ruled in favor of Depp and that I consider him a victim of defamation for the article. that Heard signed in 2018, in The Washington Post, in which -without naming the actor- he called himself a “public figure who represents domestic abuse”.

For this second part, two important testimonies will be added: Camille Vasquez and Benjamin G. Chew, the lawyers who were with Depp during the defamation trial he faced. Both will tell in first person how they experienced the legal process. Likewise, it is estimated that Heard’s lawyers, as well as relatives, witnesses and friends of the interpreters, will be part of some episode.