As if something was missing from the novel created by Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi since the strong marital crisis that was triggered a year ago, when the soccer player’s affair with China Suárez was exposed, the last weekend the Rosario traveled by surprise to Buenos Aires to try to win back the mother of his daughters Francesca and Isabella.

But unlike other occasions, in which these gestures calmed the waters, it seems that the media is determined that this rupture be the definitive one. “Icardi came ‘surprise’ to Argentina (he did not play in Istanbul) he went to Núñez’s apartment, Wanda did not let him in and he left with a suitcase, the lawyer and the hairdresser,” Ángel De Brito said on his social networks, pointing to Ana Rosenfeld and Kenny Palacios as mediators.

Finally, the blonde let the Galatasaray player from Turkey stay in the city and moved to his house in the private neighborhood of Santa Bárbara, so as not to be close to him. “The most important thing: Icardi traveled because Wanda sent the formal request for separation to Italy. Once settled in justice, they are summoned to sign a divorce petition,” said the LAM driver.

And while Icardi insists on messages of love on social networks, the “researcher” of Who is the mask? he has her future figured out without him. “Wanda has already rented a house in Istanbul to live with her children, where she will live when she finishes working. Now they are with their grandparents,” Ángel revealed in reference to Valentino, Constantino and Benedicto, the children of Nara and Maxi López, and the daughters he has in common with Mauro.

For now, Wanda is very close to L-gante, whom she chose to accompany her in the photographic campaign for her sports brand line. And although it would not be the first time that the blonde has used a good strategy to draw attention to a launch of her brand, the singer spends a lot of time at her house and also shows her affection on the networks. We will have to see how that link continues once Nara finishes the recordings of the eltrece reality show and leaves Argentina.