On Friday, January 13, the 10th edition of the parades begins on the Paseo del Ferroviario, you can enjoy this event until January 22. During the celebration, countless artists will parade on stage to add music and joy to each of the nights.

From the organization of the event they confirmed the complete grid of the artists that will be presented each day. Musicians like Ulises Bueno, Rey Pelusa, Magui Olave, among others, will take the stage that will be set up on Avenida Patria and Bulnes.

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The opening will be in charge of the successful quartet band: Cachumba and the incomparable Lore Jiménez, who recently underwent an operation to remove a tumor from his head. Each of the days will begin at 7:30 p.m. and will last until two in the morning. Admission for women and children will be free of charge until 9:00 p.m.

The complete grid is as follows:

Saturday 14: Dani Guardia – Luz Paisio

Sunday 15: The Fluff King

Monday 16: Mix Band – Magui Olave

Tuesday 17: The Band of Carlitos and Euge Quevedo

Wednesday 18: Ulises Bueno

Thursday 19: The Monkey

Friday 20: Katriel Arguello – DesaKTa2

Saturday 21: Fernando Bladys – Chebere – La Groza

Sunday 22: Facu Gutierrez – Katriel Arguello