The National Folklore Festival will live its sixth day of music and dance this Thursday night. During the 6th Moon Coscoina will take the stage: Roxana Carabajal, Adrián Maggi, Tribute to Oscar “cacho” Valles, winner of the Pre Cosquín 2023, “Coplas del Camino Real”: Carlos Di Fulvio and Alberto Muñoz, Pocho Sosa, Maguie Cullen, Raly Barrionuevo, Karé Quartet and Jorge Rojas.

Tickets will have a value that will range from $3,800 pesos to $8,000. It is expected that, like the previous moons, there will be a large number of spectators.

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The Cosquín festival will take place until Sunday, January 29. This year the event will have the presence of the Pre Cosquín winners, numerous internationally recognized artists, there will be different tributes and many more surprises. Check the list of artists and the price of tickets and find out where to buy them by clicking here.

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