Millions of people use a browser every day to surf the Internet. Among the most used by users are: Brave, Google Chrome, EDGE, Vivaldi, Mozilla, among others. Most of them harbor a number of dangers that threaten our privacy and data. However, it was recently known which of them is the one with the most vulnerabilities in our digital security.

The novelty was confirmed by a team of experts in applications focused on cybersecurity from AtlasVPN. As announced in recent hours through a report, Google Chrome would be the web browser with the highest number of vulnerabilities discovered. More than three hundred security breaches so far in 2022 have been detected. While the report focuses only on the total number of vulnerabilities discovered, there is no reference to their severity.

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The report further specifies that, as of January 1, 2022, a total of 303 vulnerabilities have been discovered in Chrome. A number that doubles those discovered in browsers such as Firefox and Edge (with 117 and 103 respectively). In total, Chrome accumulates 3,159 vulnerabilities throughout its history, according to data provided by the VulDB database. Other browsers, such as Opera, have not even reported vulnerabilities at all this year.

On the other hand, specialists talk about the importance of keeping the browser always up to date. This is extremely necessary because each new version introduces improvements and fixes to vulnerabilities discovered in previous editions.