The decree (Decree 841/2022) that orders the long-awaited bonus for private workers was announced on December 19, and it details that it will be charged by workers who receive the “equivalent to three times the Minimum Vital Wage and Mobile (SMVyM) valid in the month of December 2022″, or what is equal to $185,859. The time to pay it is until this Saturday, December 31, but there may be some exceptions.

In addition, it was explained that it will be a “non-remunerative assignment” (it does not impact on Christmas bonuses or other concepts), and will be up to $24,000. The included cap is key, as not everyone will charge that amount.

The first article of the decree establishes that the bonus “will be paid by employers in December 2022.” However, if the same parameters are used for the payment of the salary there would still be time to pay it up to the January 5. For example, the Argentine Chamber of Commerce requested that extra term and hopes that businessmen can pay the bonus to business employees next week