In the last few hours, the news broke about the separation of Zaira Nara and Jakob von Plessen. Now, the information released by the journalist Karina Iavícoli in Partners of the Show is added, confirming details about Jakob’s alleged infidelity when he was in Paris with his brother-in-law, Mauro Icardi.

“When the Wandagate happened, Jakob, the ex? from Zaira Nara, he would have had meetings in France with Jimena Butilengo“, assured the journalist. “They have known Jakob for a long time, before he dated Zaira. Then they stopped seeing each other because she was a couple and he was too,” added the journalist, referring to the model Jimena Butilengo.

Who is the model with whom Jakob von Plessen would have been unfaithful to Zaira Nara • Channel C
Jimena Butilengo the supposed third in discord in the relationship between Zaira Nara and Jakob von Plessen.

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“She is a well-known model, Argentine, who is in a relationship with a well-known designer and photographer called Willy Rizzo”. “After those meetings, she would have told her inner circle that she would have been with him. This information comes from Jimena’s mouth, not Jakob’s. That reaches Buenos Aires, and from there they tell me about it”, explained the panelist of the Lussich cycle.

Rumors of infidelity began after Mauro Icardi’s meeting with China Suárez in Paris came to light, some journalists pointed out that Jakob not only covered the footballer as he claimed at the time, but also would have met a woman .