Viña del Mar, the most important Latin music festival in the world, managed to bring together two of the greatest exponents of current Argentine music on the same night, such as Tini Stoessel and Emilia Mernes. Both artists shone on stage and managed to captivate the entire Chilean public to such an extent that both received gold and silver seagulls.

Tini’s performance was the opening of the night, around 10 p.m. (Argentine time), which meant a very important challenge, although she already has a clear command of the Chilean public, as she verified in the performances of the last months in that country as part of his world tour. But now the challenge was bigger and it was necessary to see if she could calm her expectations, and she undoubtedly succeeded.

After an hour and a half of the show, the presenters announced that they would present the Silver Seagull award. However, the discontent in the stands was noted and they asked for even more, and amid a continuous ovation, the organizers finally decided to consecrate her with the highest award, the Golden Seagull, which broke the Argentine artist to tears. .

“Thank you very much, it is a dream for me”he assured, and then, from his social networks and sharing another photograph along with the awards and a kiss to the camera, explain “Viña I still can’t believe it. What an incredible night they made us live. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. They made me very happy”.

Later came the turn of the Argentine singer Emilia Mernes, who had previously performed on that stage as part of the Rombai group. The Entre Ríos woman was in charge of closing the night, and added guest singers of the likes of Rusherking (who was accompanied by China Suárez to Quinta Vergara) with whom she shared the song “From January to December”, released in 2021 , and the duo MYA, two of the greatest youth exponents of current urban music.

The young woman also managed to surrender to the public at her feet and also took seagulls of silver and gold. Even, from the conduct of the event and in the midst of that immeasurable joy, they brought a microphone closer to her mother, who assured that “We love her deeply and to see her doing what makes her happy, obviously we are happy. Thanks to Chile for so much love”.

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