On Monday the 17th at 9:45 p.m., Big Brother returns to the Telefe screen. And ten years after the last season, the debut generates high expectations, since it brings with it several changes. First of all, because Santiago Del Moro will be the driver. And he will not only be present at the nomination galas and at the expulsion gala, but he will also lead the debates.

The new big bet on the ball channel will compete with The 8 million steps, the entertainment series led by Guido Kaczka on the eltrece screen. And to win the battle for the rating, he will present a proposal from Monday to Monday. Those chosen to accompany Del Moro in the debates are Laura Ubfal, Gastón Trezeguet, Sol Pérez, Nati Jota and Ceferino Reato, who will contribute their views and interpretation of each stage of the Game and the strategies that each one of them shows on Tuesdays and Thursday.

Meanwhile, Wednesdays will be the day of nominations. And once the plaque is formed, the public will define the fate of the nominees and one of them will be eliminated at Sunday’s gala. The participant who leaves the house will have an intimate chat with Santiago del Moro on Monday night.

While on Fridays and Saturdays Roberto Funes Ugarte will take the post. The journalist will be in charge of The GH Party every Friday and Saturday, of The Night of the Exes, a special edition with the contribution and all the experience of the most outstanding ex-participants of the previous editions: Ximena Capristo, Gustavo Conti, Diego Leonardi, Nadia Epstein, and Cristian U.