True to her style and holding nothing back, Mirtha Legrand had no hesitation in answering which opposition candidate she would vote for in a possible internship for the 2023 presidential elections. In addition, the diva answered if she would invite Alberto Fernández to her program, He reflected on the attack on Cristina Kirchner and gave his opinion on the memes that were made to him after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

While preparing to return this Saturday, September 17 at the command of La Noche de Mirtha, on the screen of El Trece, the diva gave an interview with Diego Leuco and Luciana Geuna in a special block of Telenoche.

In the last section of the note they asked him the most spicy question: “If you had to decide who is the candidate for president of the opposition for 2023 and you had three options, Macri, Larreta or Bullrich …” Geuna asked. And immediately “Chiqui” gave her answer: “Bullrich”.

It is worth remembering that the head of the PRO and former Minister of Security has already assured on several occasions her intention to be a presidential candidate in 2023. She has even said in recent days that she does not rule out competing in an internship with Mauricio Macri, if the former president also wants to run. .

Finally, he also referred to President Alberto Fernández and recounted an anecdote that occurred in the first months of his administration: “When I started the cycle that ended two and a half years ago, I called him myself to invite him and he said, ‘Mirtha, wait for me a little bit’. I noticed he was doubtful, I realized he didn’t want to come.”

Geuna asked her if she would invite the President and the driver was blunt: “No.”