In recent years, all March 21stmainly in Mexicobut also in other Latin American countries, they began to give away yellow flowers. This new tradition arose as a trend of TikTok in 2022 and, a year later, it resurfaces again.

Now, why are flowers of that color given away on that date? The trend arose from a song from an Argentine soap opera that became very popular and captivated millions of young people between 2004 and 2005. It is about Floricienta, one of the many youth programs created by Cris Morena and that had worldwide success: It came to be translated into several languages ​​and had five adaptations.

Interpreted by Florence Bertotti, Florence Fazzarino she was a young woman who dreamed of having a band, but at the same time she works as a nanny in the house of the fritzenwalde, a wealthy family in which, after the death of their parents, the older brother, Federico (Juan Gil Navarro), takes care of his five younger siblings. He and Florencia begin to have feelings, but between them stands dolphin (Isabel Macedo), who tries to keep them apart at all costs.

Millions of users in the social networks, especially on TikTok, they took it upon themselves to bring this practice to real life and began to publish the moment when they gave these flowers away every March 21. This is how this initiative was born. even though the song was released in 2004, gained strength again thanks to social networks. In Mexico, March 21 is used because it is the day that spring begins.