It seemed that after the hardest period of the pandemic, 2022 would be the year that Susana Giménez would return to Argentine television. However, days before the start of the last quarter of the year, the diva confirmed that she would be on the small screen. Far from her lack of proposals, the Telefe authorities had offered her to be in charge of Who is the mask?, but there was something that did not convince her.

“I didn’t think it was for me, it wasn’t for me,” he assured in dialogue with the chronicler Santiago Sposato. And it marked the main difference between the program that Natalia Oreiro currently leads and the formats that she has carried out previously: “It is a program where there is no prize, what do I know? It was not for me. Everyone does what they like. At this point in life, I do what I like”.

On the other hand, the diva recognized that this year she did not work on TV because she did not feel like it. “Next week I’m going to Uruguay and then I think I’m going to the World Cup. I’m going to Qatar,” she told her about her future plans. And she assured that she will not be in the Arab country to work, but to enjoy the National Team: “I am going with Mercedes and the boys. I know that Marley will be there, and maybe we will do something.”

Weeks ago, the diva said that the channel of the balls had offered her to lead a singing program, but given the great offer of this type of format, she refused. “The public is tired of seeing people singing on TV,” she said in an interview. In addition, she was in Mexico for the filming of a reality show that can be seen on the Prime Video platform.

It’s about LOL: if you laugh, you lose, an original format from Japan, which was already made in Mexico and Spain, and brings together a group of ten comedians, who must live together under the same roof -in the best Big Brother style- with the objective of making your opponents laugh through different steps of comedy, without losing seriousness. The Amazon platform again bet on the blonde after her work in Porno yGELADO, the comedy by Martín Piroyansky that marked her return to fiction and that will have a second season.