A new trend has emerged in the heat of adulthood: basic, comfortable, minimalist garments that are far from aspirational.

It is an aesthetic taste that for many could be too classic. Within the silent luxury there is no room for the slightest eccentricity and nothing is outside the framework of what is established.

In the midst of this amount of aesthetic proposals, arises the elderlycore; a trend that combines classicism with basics, always with a certain lightness. Who doesn’t want to be comfortable, with easy-to-coordinate clothes and without giving up feeling fashionable? One of them is lily james. At least one of the characters he now plays. The actress of Pam & Tommy she was seen with a style that attracted attention and that has taken place during the filming of her next film relay in the streets of NY.


A looks which, at first, might seem boring, but it’s not. James progress properly in the trend by combining boots of trekking with elements more typical of older adults: dark beige raincoats; a gray V-neck sweater and suit pants that were baggy but well held in with a masculine belt.

As for the look beauty, the character played by the British actress opts for clean face makeup and wears a ponytail that could have been done for a few hours. This could be seen in the collection of Miu miu, during his last parade last March. The models were disheveled and surprisingly, that bad hair day provoked was later desired by the entire world.

The actress was not the first to wear this new trend: social networks are always ahead of time when it comes to noticing that there is a different way of understanding and playing with fashion. It is no longer surprising that there are women and men who exceed the barrier of 50, 60 and 70 years, and who star in street styles or set trends.

we are before a trend that materializes the tranquility that the years give us when it comes to dressing and behaving in front of the world, but also before ourselves, without forgetting the dictates of fashion and without sacrificing authenticity, perhaps the most coveted value in the world at this historical moment. Also for brands. It’s about finding that intermediate point where clothing is halfway between functionality and aesthetics.

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