In the midst of an economic scenario convulsed by the change of cabinet after the resignation of the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, added to the financial instability, from the rise in the blue dollar, the rise in inflation and country risk -which came to exceed 2,500 points-, doubts are growing as to what is the best way to protect savings in a context of such uncertainty.

In this sense, although real estate has historically been the preferred option for Argentines as a refuge for value when it comes to getting dollars out of the mattress, the scant activity in the real estate market proves that, in recent years, they have preferred not to invest savings in the industry. However, some specialists say that despite the uncertainty, it is a good time to bet on brick.

Pablo Rosa, Commercial Director of Generadora de Negocios Inmobiliarios SA (GNI), talked about it with Rock and Pop Córdoba. The professional exposed in the Spich program the five keys to understand this real estate commitment in the midst of the economic crisis.