The renowned presenter of Chain 3, Ana Castro will venture into a new talk show starting on Saturday February 11 at 8:00 p.m. in channel c In this first broadcast, your guest will be the renowned journalist Rony Vargas.

The program will feature interviews with personalities from the artistic, economic and political circles of Córdoba. It delves into personal, professional and family life. It is produced by Alexander Croce and will be broadcast every Saturday at 8:00 p.m.

The host referred to this new stage: The taste of a dream that comes true. From time to time, one gets distracted, and gets used to the feeling of winning, and it is true on the one hand it is wonderful, but on the other hand continuity and routine do their thing. Think, plan, project, ask with force and depth of what is well desired. Work, idealize, carry out and concretize with the force of a plan. Why do my eyes shine?…. Of course I know it. Every time I specify a Dream I feel the butterflies in my belly and the intense shine in my eyes. Many times I can’t contain it and I cry with emotion, reality and life. It’s really moving. inspiring. invites me to start overbut not from the beginning. Stand up, look, value, revalidate and keep going up for more. Yes I can, yes I want, yes I deserve. It’s going to happen and faster and more continuous. Getting used to being better and better. For me and for and for mine all. Thanks to each one of those who are always there for me and with me, I carry them in my heart forever and ever. May the feeling of Winning and Realizing multiply as much as the waves, as the sound, as the stones falling into the water. Eternally thank you, for the good, for the not so good and for the infinite possibilities of Change. THANK YOU”.