Security experts affirm that there is a risk that our privacy may be violated.

Unlock patterns are one of the most used measures by users. However, over time security experts have detected endless problems in the use of these.

In principle they claim that unlock patterns are not the best security measure. In fact, now, there are other ways to lock our mobile in a more secure way, such as easy unlocking or passwords. Cybersecurity analysts say that the patterns that people use are very predictable and therefore have become easy to decipher.

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Some of the habits that people frequently repeat in patterns are the following:

-44% of people start patterns from the top left corner.

-77% of people start patterns from one of the corners.

-Most people use 5 nodes when creating a pattern and a lot 4.

-10% of people use an unlock pattern based on a letter, either the initial of the person or that of a loved family member.

How to choose a better unlock pattern

-Do not use the initial in our unlock pattern. -Increase the complexity of our pattern and make the lines intersect at the nodes.

-Try to make the patterns bigger. Using minimum 6 nodes should increase security.

-Try not to start the pattern at some of the corners.