Fuel prices will rise between 1% and 4% from next Saturday due to a partial update of the tax component that had been postponed for several months, as confirmed by the Secretary of Energy, Flavia Royón.

“As of October 1 there will be an increase in fuels due to the unfreezing of taxes and it will be between 1% and 4%, depending on whether it is gasoline or diesel,” Royón confirmed in radio statements.

They estimate that the rise would be around $4 per liter for gasoline and $3 for diesel. As the official explained, this will be the first increase in a series that must occur to reach the appropriate tax level.

This rise corresponds to the first two quarters of 2021, with which the final two of last year still remain and the three that have already passed in 2022, which are equivalent to a delay of close to 20%.

The Government postponed the decision due to strong inflationary pressure and now decides to pay the political and economic cost to simultaneously improve the level of collection.

It is expected that YPF will take the first step and materialize the rise in prices and then the other oil companies will follow.