This Thursday, the launch of the 2022 edition of OfertÓN took place, the e-commerce event of the Government of Córdoba, for the online sale throughout the country, of products from shops and companies from Córdoba, which will take place on the 25th, 26th and 27th next July through the website

The event, which took place at the headquarters of AMA Hogar in the city of Córdoba, was chaired by the Minister of Industry, Commerce, Industry and Mining, Eduardo Accastello; accompanied by the Secretary of Commerce, Juan Pablo Inglese; authorities from Bancor, Banco Santander Río, Tarjeta Naranja X, GoCuotas and Mobbex; representatives of the logistics companies, and the president of the Chamber of Electrical Appliances and Household Items of Córdoba and owner of the business premises, Luis Méndez.

Ofertón 2022, has 600 Cordovan brands that during the three days, will offer their products in the 13 categories. With the novelty in this edition, that to the traditional offers, each brand will add five “Super Special Offers” that can be seen directly on the OfertÓN site.

With the objectives, on the one hand, to promote E-Commerce in the Province and for the merchant to do well with a comprehensive policy that seeks training, the incorporation of SMEs to new technologies, electronic commerce and digitization. And on the other, to provide opportunities for consumers from Cordoba and the rest of the country to buy products at better prices, with promotions and offers.

13 product categories:

Electro and Technology, Furniture, Home and Deco, Clothing and Shoes, Sports and Fitness, Travels and tourism, automotive, Babies and Children, Pets, Cosmetics, Beauty and Accessories, Construction Tools and Supplies, Food and drinks, Entertainment Y Several.

Bank and credit card promotions during the three days:
  • Santander Bank: Offers six (6) interest-free installments to Santander customers who process their sales through Getnet Payment links.
  • Bank: It offers 30% savings for online purchases made by Córdoba credit customers at stores that are members of Ofertón with a savings cap of $2,000 per customer.
  • Cordovan: It offers four (4) fixed installments in food stores and pharmacies and 12, 20 and 24 fixed installments in electrical, construction, CNG equipment, furniture, sinks, tires and perfumeries.
  • OrangeX: It offers four (4) and nine (9) interest-free installments for the NaranjaX client, with preferential rates for merchants, who will negotiate these promotions with NaranjaX.
  • GoFees: They offer two (2), three (3) and four (4) installments with a debit card, at a preferential rate for businesses, at 7.5% + VAT.