A TikTok user published the video in which a young woman can be seen with her dog friend, dancing very happily in a disco. What caught our attention is that the small dog was inside a bag, considering that pets were probably not allowed inside the bowling alley.

The recording shared by @felixcoorslight and which has already accumulated more than 6.5 million views and more than 400,000 likes, it is very short and recreates a fictitious dialogue between the young woman who dances and her mother:

“- My mom: I don’t think this girl (girl) will go out, she has no one to leave the dog with.
– The girl: *comes out with the dog in her bag*”

The situation generated various reactions on social networks, mainly negative. Many users pointed out that the puppy did not seem happy to be in that place, safe late at night, and especially because it was surrounded by a high level of noise. “Poor puppy, they have sharper ears than us”; “it shows that he already wants to leave”; “The best mother”; “I hope you don’t lose it”, were some of the messages.

Look at the video: