The national government renewed the “Care Prices” program for three months, with a quarterly increase of 9.3%. In addition, from the Ministry of Economy they reported that the suggested prices of the basket of fruits and vegetables were updated.

The new stage, which will last until October 7, will have a price increase that will be divided into 3.3% in July, 3.2% in August and 2.5% in September. The new list consists of 949 products representative of the average consumption basket in various items and categories, and does not include dairy products.

The official information does not include the list of products, but Internal Trade had already revealed that the list of items would be reduced. Regarding vegetables, the agreed values ​​per kilo are $63 for potatoes, $105 for onions, $210 for tomatoes, $170 for lettuce and $190 for apples.

Source: Telam