At the start of his opening speech for the legislative year, President Alberto Fernandez He paid homage to the political, union, social and human rights leaders who were capable of building the restoration of democracy 40 years ago.

In particular, he mentioned the work of Mothers and Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayoand completed: “Our democracy is the daughter of our Malvinas Heroes”. He concluded the evocation of him, underlining that the four decades of uninterrupted democracy represent a “collective achievement, which belongs to all the Argentine people”.

Immediately afterwards, he referred to the attack suffered by the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner on September 1, 2022: “Six months ago we were faced with one of the most unfortunate episodes of these 40 years of democracy, such as the assassination attempt on the vice president. I ask Justice to clarify the fact and judge the material and intellectual authors.”

About his management, Alberto Fernandez stressed that he never silenced political opponents and that despite being considered by some as a moderate leader“I put the roof on the pandemic and they finished building hospitals that, upon my arrival, some governor did not consider necessary”.