The North Educational Park lived an unforgettable afternoon after dozens of children came to the place to enjoy games, live shows and kermesses. The event was part of a proposal by the Municipality and the Government of the Province, through the “Right to Summer” program.

Within this framework, Eugenia Rotondi, Director of educational parks, spoke exclusively for Canal C and told that all this proposal was dealt with and especially about the importance of carrying out these activities to explain to children the need to lead a healthy life from early age. “It is the fourth day that we have carried out, we have been visiting each of the Educational Parks of the city. The proposal is basically to bring boys and girls a day where they can, on the one hand, have fun, play, make friends, share; through to think and learn about healthy habits mainly linked to nutrition”.

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The festival came to crown the closure that we are giving to the summer schools, within the framework of the “Right to Summer” program. On the other hand, Rotondi thanked the Superhealthy Civil Association of Rosario, who were the ones who brought this proposal to the municipality.

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