On March 11, Louis Judge and Rodrigo de Loredo They released a video with the slogan “Formulas that work in Córdoba” to strengthen their possible political partnership. In the filming, the politicians prepare and take an infallible formula for the people of Cordoba: ice, fernet and Coca Cola. After the repercussions and after a poll with “technical draw” it was learned that Judge will be the candidate for governor of JxC.

The decision hit the insiders of radicalism, which questioned De Loredo’s decision to withdraw from the candidacy, depriving the UCR to have a gubernatorial candidate. In this regard the radical Javier Fabrepresented a judicial brief, with 150 pages between the appeal and the documentary, requesting the provincial electoral jurisdiction to enable internal inside JxC.

In order to strengthen the claim, Javier Fabre and Paola Campitelli presented a spots very similar to Juez and De Loredo but with another drink. In the images you can see the radicals preparing and taking a “pritiate” (ice, bull and pritty wine) and the video ends with a slogan “There is not a single formula in Córdoba”.