Last night during the closing of the Festival of Peñas de Villa María, Martin Llaryora (capital mayor and candidate for governor of HxC) and Martin Gil (Villamariense mayor and FDT reference) fueled last night the possibility of a political agreementfacing the next provincial elections that will take place this 2023.

Llaryora admitted that he wants Gill within the pro-government coalition he heads. Meanwhile Gill pointed out the coincidences between him and Llaryora. He recalled when they worked together, when he was rector of the University of Villa María and collaborated with the development of the educational pole in San Francisco, which was governed by the now aspiring to succeed Governor Juan Schiaretti..

In this regard, the mayor of Embalse, Federico Alesandri, said: “I belong to the FDT and I am a justicialista from the cradle. Of everything that Juan Manuel de la Sota built, nothing else exists today. We understand that this democratic possibility of 2023 is an opportunity for the encounter between Cordovans, which is what is missing today in the province”.

And I add: The provincial government has painted itself yellow and has become hopeless and we don’t like that. In order to remain in politics, many leaders jump from one political space to another without having convictions. To provoke encounter and credibility in politics, leaders must have coherence between what they say and what they do.”

Regarding the alleged support of the FDT for Martín Gill, the mayor of the reservoir stated: “I think that this is a very empty excuse. You cannot be allied with a space that all it does is permanently attack the national government. I know that in the FDT we have mistakes and things to improve but mutate to a space against It seems low to me.”

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