Carlos Sadir in Jujuy; Ricardo Quintela in La Rioja and Hugo Passalacqua in Missions They are configured as the favorites of the first results of the provincial elections this Sunday. In all three cases, they are the pro-government candidates who received the support of the current leaders.

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Meanwhile, the candidate from Jujuy awaits the final results together with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Martín Lousteau, who traveled from CABA to accompany the one chosen by the also presidential candidate Gerardo Morales.

As it happened in the elections held in Río Negro Last month, the ruling parties prevailed among the wide offer presented by the various alliances. At the opening of the electoral calendar, Alberto Weretilneck (Together we are Río Negro, a party that responds to La Cámpora), surpassed Aníbal Tortoriello (Cambia Río Negro) by a wide advantage.

The only province that for the moment opted for an option other than the current one was Neuquen, which displaced the Neuquén Popular Movement after 60 years of hegemony. in that district Rolando Figueroa, from the Community party, won with 35.58% of the votes.