At 6:00 p.m. this Sunday, the elections closed in Jujuy, Misiones and La Rioja, where the governor, provincial deputies, mayors, councilors and municipal commissioners will be defined. According to the Electoral Tribunal, the day was carried out normally in the three provinces and the first results are expected after the 21 hours.

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Both in Jujuy and La Rioja it is estimated that there was a good level of approach to the polls. While in Misiones, there are doubts about the percentage of participation due to the heavy rains that made it difficult to attend schools.

Ballot box mouth

The exits mark a considerable advantage of the ruling party (Social Harmony Party) in the province of Misiones. Meanwhile, they speculate that the formula Ricardo Quintela governor, Armando Molina mayor of the Capital wins by a wide margin in La Rioja.