Norma Cejas (56) and Vanesa Van De Velde (38) continue to be admitted to the Emergency Hospital with a reserved prognosis.

Both have serious injuries caused by the 28-year-old who is under arrest and is being investigated by the Justice after the crime of his nephew.

“The prognosis is reserved due to the multiple injuries,” Gustavo Matus, chief guard of the Cordovan health center, reported on Wednesday night, adding that none needed “new surgical interventions” at the moment.

Women have severe head trauma, abdominal and muscle injuries. The professional stressed that the prognosis is a little more hopeful than at the beginning, since both are still stable despite being on mechanical ventilation.

The professional stressed that the primary objective is for Cejas and Van De Velde to leave the respirator “to talk about a more favorable picture.” The next few hours will be key to knowing how mother and daughter evolve.