The work of the Altos de Chipión-La Para aqueduct advances, it is developed within the framework of the Provincial Aqueduct Plan, which the Government of the Province finances jointly with the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development. The project seeks to supply the towns of La Para, Marull, Balnearia, Miramar and Altos de Chipión, in the San Justo department.

“This work will solve the drinking water supply problem of an important corridor in the San Justo department. After the mega project of the trunk gas pipelines, today Córdoba is advancing with the provincial plan for trunk aqueducts to come up with solutions that will improve the quality of life of the people,” said the deputy governor.

The works will require the execution of six drillings in La Para, to cover an extension of more than 88 kilometers of pipes, together with the construction of new cisterns in each locality, with their respective pumping stations.

In this way, the provision of the Villa María – San Francisco – Morteros Aqueduct will be extended to also cover these towns located on Provincial Route No. 17. It is estimated that the new aqueduct will supply about 21 thousand inhabitants.