Health workers claim modifications in the Fund of Health Professionals due to various irregularities and unfavorable conditions that affect affiliates. According to the complaint, interest on late payments has increased exorbitantly, going from 1% to 15%, and fees have increased disproportionately compared to the regular update.

The Box of Health Professionals of Córdoba, governed by Law 8,577, it has generated discomfort among professionals due to the financial burden it represents. Mario Pérez, graduate in Psychology and member of the group of United Professionals of Córdoba, explains that They have started a claim to make this problem visible. According to Perez, many professionals are in debt and the interest applied is considered abusive, reaching 15% per month.

The economic impact is reflected in extreme cases, where a debt of $500,000 can increase to $600,000 in just one month. There are even professionals with debts that exceed 7 million pesos.

Another concern expressed by workers is the lack of coverage of a social work, something that is common in most similar institutions. In addition, retirees are affected by low pensions, despite the high contributions made during their working lives.

The workers’ claim has been formally presented through notes, but so far they have not obtained satisfactory responses from the Fund of Health Professionals. They have requested information on the number of delinquents, active affiliates, retirees, balance sheets and budgets, without obtaining an adequate response. In addition, they point out the lack of transparency and question the dubious management of the institution.

Health workers demand changes in the Fund of Health Professionals to guarantee fair and equitable conditions for its affiliates, as well as greater transparency in the management of the institution. They will continue to push for their claims to be addressed and the necessary modifications to be made for the benefit of all the professionals involved.

Workers of the Fund of Health Professionals demand changes in the law • Channel C

Given the situation at hand, health professionals are demanding modifications in the law that regulates the Fund of Health Professionals.

In order to address these concerns, A project has been presented to the Córdoba Legislature, initiated by legislator Ambrosio, which proposes changes in the box to benefit professionals.

Some of the proposals included in the project are:

  • Exempt from the payment of contributions to affiliates with a seniority of one year or less from their registration.
  • Limit the contribution to 14% of the minimum retirement amount.
  • Establish a pension equivalent to the total basic basket established by INDEC.
  • Allow the Fund to charge late payment interest of up to 3% per month.
  • Implement a Comprehensive Health System for registered affiliates.
  • Determine the scale of contributions based on taxpaying capacity, seniority in the profession and tax registration, to guarantee equity and proportionality between the income of members, their seniority and the amount of the contributions.

These proposals seek to establish fairer and more equitable conditions for health professionals affiliated with the Fund, and it is expected that the necessary modifications will be made for the benefit of professionals and the quality of health services.

Workers of the Fund of Health Professionals demand changes in the law • Channel CWorkers of the Fund of Health Professionals demand changes in the law • Channel C
Law modification project. Photo: The Highlighter