Within the framework of strengthening the institutional ties of Grupo Showsport, the president of the Córdoba Cultura Agency, Raúl Sansica, received the authorities of Canal C Argentina and Canal Showsport in order to coordinate joint work guidelines to strengthen dissemination and communication of the cultural agenda of the province in the extensive, and expanded, map of provincial and federal coverage of television channels.

Luis Schenone (President of Showsport), José Aiassa (President of Canal C Argentina), Antonella Schenone and Josefina Aiassa (Directors of Grupo Showsport) presented in detail the expansion of Canal C Argentina, which with its 18 years of life and strong roots in the idiosyncrasy of each Cordovan, he took a huge step with the nationalization of its contents. It currently reaches 398 towns in Córdoba and the 24 provinces of the Republic and Uruguay.

“It is a pride to be summoned by the president of the Córdoba Culture Agency, Raúl Sansica, to join efforts and continue working together in the progress of our culture,” said José Aiassa.

On behalf of the Córdoba Cultura Agency, the extension of the coverage radius was praised and, in turn, the importance of the development of our mass communication medium for the benefit of the dissemination of the culture of the people of Cordoba was recognized.