The Cordoba Stock Exchange issued a statement on Tuesday afternoon in which it pointed to price controls at the hands of the Truckers Union.


We consider it a serious mistake to continue with control practices in the economy that discourage investment, supply of products, price stability and therefore accelerate the deterioration of social welfare.

Encouraging the truckers union to control the supply of products that reach the shelves, comparing the shipments that they themselves make to the supermarkets, with the stocks of these merchandise in the warehouses and in the shelves, is a practice that is not only sterile and obsolete. for its ineffectiveness. It represents a dangerous and discouraging message for producers and traders.

Nobody invests in a country whose government incites confrontation between productive and social sectors to control an inflationary process. The government authority is truly responsible for avoiding it, not in its effects, but in the causes that cause it.

It is no longer discussed in moderately informed sectors that the true cause of the inflationary process is the large fiscal deficit, which a high and uncontrolled public spending generates, with the correlative spurious issue of currency to finance it.

This government continues to put the horse behind the cart. A nonsense that feeds legal uncertainty, confidence and predictability in the productive sector, generating shortages and inflation.

The government escapes its responsibility to control public spending, the fiscal deficit and the issuance of currency, essential requirements to be able to simultaneously free the economy and integrate it into the world. With this, resolving in a spontaneous and definitive way, the pressing problem of the scarcity of foreign currency and the normal and fluid supply of products.

The implementation of rational measures will allow the beginning of a true control of inflation, an essential requirement to recover social welfare.