A few days after the data is known at the national level, the General Directorate of Statistics and Censuses of the province of Córdoba released the monthly inflation data for the month of March: in the third month of the year, there was a rise average price of 7.99%. Specialists anticipate that at the national level, the CPI will be similar and could be around 7.5 percent. The two items that marked the greatest acceleration on this occasion were Education, Recreation and Food drinks.

Added to the difficulty involved in facing the day-to-day of these values ​​in the gondolas, a fact that shudders: it is the biggest rise in the last 21 years in Córdoba. The last time a similarly high level was registered was during the convertibility crisis in 2002. That year, in the month of April, inflation of 10.18% was registered.

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As can be seen in the graph, the item that had the most increases was that of Teaching (27.4%). This is explained by the start of classes, marked mainly by increases in private school fees, school transportation, uniforms, overalls, and supplies in general. This item is followed by recreation (11.28%); Food and drinks (8.75%); Miscellaneous goods and services (8.67). The one that increased the least this month was “Properties, fuels, water and electricity” (4.61%).

This graph shows the variation of the last 12 months. It is evident that in the month of March of this year the highest monthly inflation of the last year was registered, followed by February of this year (7.54) and by October of last year (6.8%).

Considering what’s to come

An official announcement is expected in the coming days by the business chambers that bring together bakers, where the percentage value of the increase in baked goods and fresh and dry pasta is reported, due to the removal of the 35% subsidy by the Government National.

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