This futuristic project called “The Line” is a city being built on the western edge of Saudi Arabia. Its most particular feature is that it has the shape of a line. When it is finished it will be more than 170 kilometers long and only about 200 wide and 500 meters high.

The largest structure in the world is already underway and, despite the fact that it will not be ready for another 50 years, after several weeks of work, it is already known what the impressive city will be like.

Its developers claim that 9 million people they will be able to live in the finished structure and that its environmental impact will be much less than that of a traditional city.

The project also pretends that it is a utopian city no cars, roads or any kind of emissions that harm the planet. In addition, in the desert will be found “aerotropolis”, suburbs built around a futuristic airport that will link the new city with much of the rest of the world in a few hours.

And you, would you live in this city?