This Monday, Governor Juan Schiaretti presented a new edition of the XMI programwith 10,000 employment and training opportunities for Cordovan women. It’s about the Fifth edition of this program that is intended for unemployed women who are 25 years old and up to retirement age (60 years). Women under 25 years of age, with dependent sons and daughters, may also register.

The objective is, on the one hand, to provide more and better opportunities for Cordovan women to enter the world of work; and, on the other, raise the potential of participating women and employers, through courses and training required by the labor market. In addition, he stressed that the priority of the job opportunities offered by this edition of XMÍ will be for mothers whose children are in the program nursery rooms, carried out by the Province with NGOs and civil institutions.

“For me it is key that women, perhaps the most humble, those who have had the most difficulties to finish formal education, those who need to work, who have to leave their children in nurseries, are the women who have priority. to access the programsaid.

This employment promotion policy was launched in 2016 -with internships beginning in 2017- and, until the previous edition, accounted for a total of 48,000 women that they were trained and that they began work practices in the Cordovan territory.

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Schiaretti recalled that the promotion of employment -through the different promotion programs- is one of the axes of the provincial management. In that sense, he said: “Before we start with the edition of the XMÍ, 27,000 people from Cordoba are receiving a subsidy to be able to work, to be able to take a test. And that is why it is key because it is a central axis of our policy”.

For his part, he Minister of Employment and Vocational Training, Facundo Torressaid that in the provincial capital there will be 52 attendees, located in the social sports centersto provide information and help in the process of linking the companies with the applicants: “We understood that it was a good measure to help people who are interested find the business and the company, because many times they need that intermediation with the businessman, with the merchant, to offer their services and be able to link both”. “In the rest of the municipalities and communes of the province, we are working on it individually with each of the mayors and community leaders,” added the minister.

stimulus allocation

The beneficiaries will receive an incentive of 45,000 pesos per month, for 20 hours of weekly work practice, for 12 months. The amount of the allowance, which will be jointly financed between the Government of Córdoba and the companies involved, setting percentages according to the number of employees in a relationship of dependency of each company:

  • • From 1 to 10 employees, the company will contribute 33% for each beneficiary.
  • • Between 11 and 80 employees, the company will contribute 48% for each beneficiary.
  • • More than 80 employees, the company will contribute 60% for each beneficiary.

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Requirements and registrations

The companies and applicants who want to be part of XMÍ, can register from the April 24 and until June 9, inclusive. The period of Data review will be between June 12 and 23, and the lottery to meet the selected ones will be held on June 28, through the Cordoba Lottery. The training and work practices will begin on July 1.

To enroll in the program, women will have to have a level 1 Digital Citizen (CiDi) code and have the CUIT of the company or employer of interest to carry out the internship. Companies will also have to register virtually and must have CiDi level 2.

There will be a reserved 5% quota for people with disabilities, transplant recipients or participants in addiction recovery programs. Also another 10% will be reserved for people from sectors of greater vulnerability.

For inquiries, call 351-5684750 or send a WhatsApp message to 351 8690655. More information on the website of the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training: