An audio that Yanina Latorre sent to a group of acquaintances to warn them about the modus operandi of a young woman named Lola.M went viral. In the messages, the panelist from THE M He said that the girl stole her friends’ credit card numbers to make purchases through the Pay Pal app.

According to Latorre, so far the girl has spent 25 thousand dollars. She “she has stolen from friends, mothers, sisters. So far we know that she spent $25,000. She photographed 25 cards, put them on Paypal and began to spend ”, expressed Latorre in one of the viralized audios.

The truth came to light when the group of friends became suspicious when their cards were cut. The girls gathered the summaries, discovered the scam but couldn’t figure out who was responsible. Lola M ended up confessing when she felt cornered.