The company specializing in theater for early childhood Teatro al Vacío addresses the issue of gender identity in Yo Soy, a proposal written and directed by Adrián Hernández Arredondo and José Agüero, co-directed with Bruno Cappagli, which will be presented at La Parisina located on Calle Neuquén 223 from Barrio Alberdi.

The montage proposes to reflect on the search for identity that begins in early childhood, so that everyone can review their ideas and beliefs in order to exercise the free right of diverse identities.

According to her research, a person’s gender is constructed as one of the primary structuring and power relationships, and is responsible for locating the subject in the world. This process usually has complexities, since it is carried out in a society in which prejudices are part of individual and collective subjectivity.

About the company

Teatro al Vacío (Argentina/Mexico) is a collective in permanent research and creation that offers significant alternative artistic proposals with and for children and young people. The collective is committed to plastic-body scenic proposals with minimal aesthetics. The creation processes seek to incorporate children and young people, under the premise that the proposals offered are a space for dialogue and intergenerational participation.