As part of the inauguration of a Prompt Care Hospital, the mayor and candidate for governor, Martín Llaryora, fired at the Juntos por el Cambio coalition headed by Luis Juez, one of the candidates with whom he will compete on June 25.

After a chaotic closing of opposition lists, Llarora said: “If you can’t even agree on putting together a list, imagine what that would be like in the government. A coalition must see the management, that’s why we don’t have any problems, because most of us are mayors, most of us manage, we know the difficulties that exist and the values ​​to uphold in management”.

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The Peronist leader also said that he “he won’t get in” in the internal opposition, but he did think that there is a central problem in radicalism: “Radicalism after more than 100 years does not have leaders, candidates. People realize that this alternative does not get you anywhere.”

Regarding Luis, Juez pointed out that “When he was mayor it was a disaster. People are very clear about it; I’m not saying it, De Loredo said it when he said it had been a catastrophe. You can’t be better if you weren’t good at first. Today you can’t want to be governor when you were mayor and you were a catastrophe, and the people of Cordoba remember. The radical party that instead of supporting its candidate, made him fall. That allows us to have a different relationship with many of the mayors of radicalism who do not feel contained. And the PRO that does not have candidates either, allows us to advance in the PRO”.