Since the video made fun of people who work and defend social plans went viral, Mariana Alfonzo, a 34-year-old resident of Cañuelas, who has three children, has visited different TV programs to explain her point of view. . And in her passage through Momento D, the cycle that Fabián Doman leads in eltrece, she starred in several crosses with Cinthia Fernández.

The first time they argued, Mariana said that she charges 6,000 pesos for each of her children, that she has an Alimentar card and that she charges the Enhance work plan, and that she prefers to continue receiving this income before having a formal job. Her statements outraged Fernández, who defined herself as “an idiot.” “If you are working and complaining, why are you working?” Alfonzo raised and assured that he recorded her viral video so that her followers can resign and live on the plans as she does.

“You think it’s great to live like this and to me it seems disrespectful. To me and to everyone. I want to say it to your face, because just as you said it so loosely, I think it’s disrespectful because We pay for your plans. And I would happily pay it to a person who wants to progress, but here we breed lazy people, “said Cinthia, indignant.

The fight did not sit well with Alfonzo, which is why the next day, in a communication via video call with the same program, he did not want to speak with the former deputy candidate, who questioned her for having rejected a job offer because it was far away from your house. “I am a laborer who outrages me to keep bums like you, you have no dignity. We keep a generation of bums. What happens, you can’t argue with arguments?” Cinthia declared.

“I don’t suck anyone’s ass, I’m not like you,” retorted the beneficiary of the plans. “Oh, look how fine. Look, I’m re wiki wiki, but you surpassed me. I love it because you can’t argue with arguments, you don’t know how to answer questions. Are you proud of the media raid, of not having dignity, of barely to have the self-criticism that this is not worthy? That we all support you, you and a lot of people who think like you?”, continued the panelist, but before her defense, her interlocutor decided to leave the interview.