This Thursday the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, was present at a lunch organized by the Inter-American Council of Trade and Production at the Alvear Palace Hotel, in the city of Buenos Aires. There he delivered a speech in which he assured that “the key to any program to contain inflation is to change expectations and have an economic program that is credible.”

“At the same time that the deficit and monetary assistance from the Treasury are being reduced, it is necessary to attack the problem of inflation,” said the minister, after which he added that for this it is essential to “coordinate expectations and objectives.”

On the other hand, he indicated that in inflation there are “two major components, one is the internal one that is sought to be attacked” through the fiscal question and “the other is the external one, in the world today the main problem is inflation, a world where there was no inflation, today there are many countries that have double-digit inflation.

“The foreign exchange part, the key to any scheme to attack inflation is to change expectations, it is essential to have an economic program that is not only consistent but also credible. We have been implementing that program, we propose absolute commitment, “he closed