The World Cup wave continues to be the rage more than a week after the triumph of the Argentine National Team in the 2022 World Cup final in Qatar. The user @TanoDigennaro (Nicolás Di Gennaro) is known on his social networks for making “crossovers” of famous presentations of series and sitcoms with characters from entertainment and sports.

And of course Lionel Scaloni’s team was no exception: in addition to the innumerable memes for the matches they starred in, Di Gennaro’s creativity went further and imagined Argentine soccer players as if they were the stars of the famous American series. friends.

Set to music with the well-known curtain of the band The Rembrandts call ‘I’ll Be There for You’the video has already added more than a million views between Twitter and Instagram together (698 thousand and 490 thousand respectively) and thousands of “I like“.

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