YouTube is preparing to launch one of its worst updates, the platform wants all users who are within it to start paying for YouTube Premium, a move that could go very wrong. As we have already seen, some users are not willing to pay for the use of certain platforms, something that happened to Netflix and because of this, it experienced a massive loss of users. So far, the social network has already begun to test this update -only in a part of its community- and some people have already begun to show annoyance at the new YouTube policies.

The new update plans to put five ads that you can’t skip before playing any video. The novelty was known when several people began to complain on the networks denouncing this annoying situation, so YouTube decided to publish an official response on Twitter acknowledging what is happening.

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However, they clarified that the phenomenon of the five ads could be about advertising known as bumper ads, that is, ads that last around six seconds and cannot be skipped. While only a few users have started to report this discomfort, it is believed that YouTube will roll out this update to all other users very soon.