Recording a high-quality video with our cell phone implies the use of a large internal storage space on our mobile or in the Google Photos cloud, in the case of having an Android device. However, all these storage spaces are limited so at some point we start deleting some of those videos.

Now YouTube offers a storage service for your videos without the need to publish them in a visible way for others on the network, although it has some limitations. Like all Youtibe applications, it also has its advantages and disadvantages.

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How does the platform storage system work?

It is only necessary to have a Google account to have your own channel. Like any other storage app, you must upload the video you want to save there and that’s it. The service so far appears to be unlimited, which is a huge benefit. And to this is added that it is free one of the most important advantages.

In addition, you can find other advantages such as:

-We can upload videos with a 4K resolution regardless of the size it can have.

-We can edit them with YouTube tools.

-We can share the video with other people very easily.

-And download them at any time.

-It is a secure platform. No one can access these files without your Google account.

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While the disadvantages are the following:

-The content must have a verification system to identify all the content that may infringe some type of copyright regulation.

-If you upload a video that has background music, it can be removed according to copyright.